The bridge across the sky
by Fabian Sanchez

Many years from now, I want to say,
I hope to depart this world with one thought that day.

Taking my last breath.
I hope my walk across the Rainbow Bridge will be without regret.

White clouds I walk through.
As they clear, I hope to find you.

Without a word,
I walk this sacred ground.

Crossing the bridge,
I hear an on coming sound!

Rushing to greet me are all the dogs I have ever saved, and found.

Everywhere I looked,
they came from all around.

So moved,
I was barely able to see from all the tears of love!

What a precious gift from up Above.

As my tears calmed and eyes cleared, standing right in front of me,
his tail wagged so near.

Looking into his eyes,
I recall the last time they looked back at me, many years ago....

Remembering that sad day when I had to let go.

As he begins to step towards me,
I hope this dream will not deny me.

Tearing up again, his paw touches my leg, and says,

"Mommy, this is all true!
I'm here for you.

There isn't anymore you need to do.
I finally found you!

You've crossed the line.
From here, there is no measure of time.

See me as you once did.
A promise to find me, you once said.

This was planned from the start.
You and I have always lived in each other hearts.

Though we were worlds away,
I heard every word you would say.

Heaven does exist.
Hear me as I say this!

This is not pretend.
Here, there is no end.

Hold me now, and know,
this time,
you won’t ever have to let go!

I was always around you,
moving so slowly....

Patiently waiting for you to find me.

I was always watching from the Sun.

Today mommy,
you were the chosen one.

It is me, I am here.
Let the past go,
as I dry each tear.

Our story has a new beginning.
Where we will never have to write a quiet ending.

Sleep forever,
as you fade into the night.

You’re here with me now,
as I guide you into the Light.

Looking back, I know it was hard to tell.

But you’ve always been surrounded by loving Angels.

If you looked carefully you would’ve seen them, without fail.

Though they didn't have wings;
each one of them had wagging tails!

Through the tears,
I hear the joy in your laughter.

This time we will live on forever!

As we walk side by side,
Happily Ever After.

Welcome home, Mommy
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