From one amazing cat to another
by Eryn Bradburn
From One Amazing Cat To Another

Cats are amazing creatures. I am talking about wild and domestic cats here. They all have great skills, loving, cute and some are dangerous. But, even when danger occurs they always tend to protect their young. There was this one cat in my life that I won’t ever forget. When I was about 4 or 5 my dad drove me to this lady’s house with tons of cats. I am talking like 15 cats. I remember walking into this place like I was in heaven. Ever since I could remember I have loved cats. They just are so mysterious and interesting to me. Well, my dad told me to pick a cat, out of them all. I thought to myself, this is going to be so hard! It didn’t take me long though. The first cat that walked by me was a black cat probably around 2 and I pointed to it and said “This one dad.” My dad being the dad is he said “No” and picked up a black and white one and we left. I was little I don’t think I was very bothered by that, but it was totally wrong of him. But that’s how my dad is. Anyways, so at that time I was young and was really into Bratz Dolls. My favorite doll was named Chloe. The cats name became Chloe. From that day on that cat was my everything in life. I squeezed her, cuddled her, loved on her, petted her, played with her, fed her, told her my secrets, cried on her, and loved her from day one. Growing up with this cat in my life was the best thing. I went through a lot growing up and to have her there was amazing. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her. I would talk to her when I was to scared to talk to anyone else, when I upset at someone, when I just needed to vent, and when I didn’t understand something. In life people sometimes feel like they will be judged or taken wrong when they need to tell someone something. People are scared of people. So many of us keep things to ourselves, which doesn’t help anything. I learned growing up to go to animals. I may have just be crazy, but I swear to you Chloe would listen to me and just lay there as I continued. She was about the only thing that could calm me down. When she passed away I was so lost and felt so alone. My one best friend in the world gone forever. What was I suppose to do. She was my rock, she made me feel like everything was going to be okay, but now it wasn’t. I was alone, depressed, stressed and had no friends. After 2 years, I didn’t know what to do anymore besides what I know in life. What I know in life is that cats were always there for me. I was so lost without her. That is when I decided it was time to adopt a cat. I was scared, because I thought I wouldn’t find the right cat. I thought i will never find a cat like Chloe. That may have been true, but then I realized all cats are caring it will be okay. So, I headed to the popular animal shelter nearby. I walked in and was is awe. There were cats everywhere. Two huge cat cages with 4 kittens each when I walked in, then like 15 cat cages when I went in to see the adoptable cats. I couldn’t believe it. I knew then that I was in the right spot. I wanted to cry when I saw them all. Finally, I was in heaven again. I felt better already just seeing all of them. Instantly felt so welcomed by the cats and so in love. I just wanted to take them all home, but I couldn’t. As I was looking for the right cat I noticed a few special ones. The first one I noticed was orange, loving, and excited. This poor little guy only had one eye. I put my finger in and he just rubbed and rubbed against it. The second one I noticed was black and white and looked just liked Chloe. You could tell he was ill though. So I read his little card on his cage and he was diagnosed with feline immune deficiency. I stuck my hand in and he just smelled it then looked at me like he was reading me as a person. After his little reading on me he stood up and rubbed against the cage. The last one I saw was a huge grayish whitish cat. When I first stared into this cage he looked like he had a lions mane. His cheeks were all fat and puffy because he had so much fur! He just laid there why I gazed at him. I finally put my hand in there and he stiffed it and did the same thing the black and white cat did. Except when he was staring in my eyes and reading me he just looked away when done. I thought why did he do that? I touched him to pet him and he just sat there and enjoyed it. I thought to myself, its me. He knew something was wrong with me. He knew I was upset and how hard it was for me to find another cat. I felt like he understood me. He didn’t want to be all loving on me just so he would get adopted he wanted me to want him. I looked at his card on his cage and his name was Ralph and he was 5 years old. It said he was a cuddly cat. Then, the next thing I read was very upsetting to me. It said he had Leukemia. I thought how could a cat like him be so sick. Even with that other cat it shocked me. Cats are so innocent in this crazy world. They didn’t do anything to deserve to be so sick. I kept reading and it said he was not adoptable and I bout burst into tears, because I knew he was the cat for me I knew it. I almost got up and walked away when I glanced at the card one more time. It said he was available though for permanent fostering. I had no idea what that meant so I asked. The lady told me I could permanently foster him in my home, but I couldn’t have any other cats because of his illness. Then, she said Permanently fostering a cat means they pay and take care of everything for me I just give him a caring home. It was then I knew this was my new cat. I was worried when getting a cat that I would struggle because I don’t have much of a budget for one, but this just made everything work out. All I had to do was pay for fostering license and he was mine forever! I couldn’t believe it. I felt this big rush of happiness flow through my blood and a huge smile came on my face. I was finally at peace knowing I now found the right cat and now could have someone always. Then a sudden rush of sadness upset me because he was sick. I asked how long he would live and they said 5 more years because he was just diagnosed. I felt so much better knowing he had at least 5 years. I went to front desk to fill out paperwork and ended up planning to pick him up the next day. I was so happy, but sad at same time. I had a feeling in me that I wish it was Chloe. I wish I had Chloe again. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I felt like I was going to have expectations for this cat. But, when I got the cat home this feeling in my heart of its alright to have him and he will be a great cat for you came over me. I knew it was Chloe. I knew it was Chloe reassuring me it was okay with her that this cat she guided me too. I have now had Ralph for 2 weeks and Chloe was right. This cat was amazing, not like her, but pretty darn close. He cuddles with me, sits next to me when I am talking to him,he follows me everywhere, talks up a storm and just loves on me all the time. I was so lucky to get this wonderful cat and so lucky for the fostering we have for animals. This story means a lot to me because Chloe and Ralph mean so much to me. I wanted to show that cats can make a change. They can be safe, nice and loving. In all honesty, all animals can make a change. Thought in my opinion, cats are one of the most caring animals. They always there for you and always giving you love because they know what its like to be in a small world feeling locked up and being stressed by all things. A cat being in a cage at a shelter, always being locked up and being stressed out by all the people touching them would not be fun. That’s exactly how Ralph was. He was sick of being there, he just wanted a home. But unlike the other cats he wanted the person to want him instead of showing off so people would adopt him. That’s exactly why I wanted him. He was unique and read me like I could read a book. He knew my story before I even touched him. He is special and I am so happy I could give him a home and he could give me a since of peace. Life went from having a cat I didn’t chose to that cat being one of the most important animals in my life then to Chloe pointing me in right direction to a new cat when she left. I am so thankful my dad chose Chloe for me, but it was finally my turn and Chloe made sure it was the right cat for me.
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