Gone But Not Forgotten
by Ellen Brown

You’ve been gone now
For 18 days
Yet you’re everywhere
sweet Daisy girl.

Your leash and collar
Piled in a heap on the stairs.
Your brushes and
And shampoos
Sitting silently at attention
In their bin
To be used again.

Your Golden floof everywhere,
Embedded in the rugs
Like tumbleweeds lining the stairs and hallways,
In the bedroom where we slept each night
For nearly seven years.
Your dishes bone dry in the dish drainer
Waiting to be stored
For another time…
Your giant Posturepedic bed
flopped exactly where I left it that
Night before we rushed you to the emergency room
two days before you left this earth.

You were such a force
In my life,
Such a presence,
Such a love.
I wonder, sweet girl, if you
Will ever be truly gone.
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