My Angel
by Elizabeth Grant
I got my Naddily when she was 5 weeks old and could fit all of her in the palm of my hand.Naddily was born with scabies mange and a heat murmur.She got through that.Then at 5 monts old she took an attack from a pit bull to stop him from attacking me.Thats when she got her Middle name.Grace.She had 2 litters of babies,the first was almost to big for her to have but she did.After she had them she got a bad infection and I had to make her quit nursing puppies and nurse them.myself,as well as her.She got through that.And then about 8 years ago she had to have mamory lumps removed and was cut all the way up and down.She got through that.Plus other problems inbetween these.But this time she got stepped on by a 4 year old child full force.I took her to the vet sometime after it happened.Not her usual vet because they had no appointments and werent allowing walk ins.So it was a new vet.I told them she had been stepped on.They told me she had arthritis Cataracts and bad teeth.None of this really made since to me because she was completely fine the day before she got stepped om.But.In thought they knew what they were doing.If they would have did blood work they would have caught the infection and whatbwas causing it that killed her.But they didnt.So a few weeks later.My Angel Naddily Grace Grant to her last breath and left this earth while wrapped in my arms.Me holding her close and Daddy and I telling her how much we love her.Both of us weeping our hearts out.I love and miss you Naddily Grace Gtant.I always will.It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since you left us behind.16 years I had the honour of calling you my best friend my baby girl.My Angel.My Naddily Grace.
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