Tainted second
by Eboni Jones
Tainted second
The hill it seemed so distant peeking over that gravel ledge I rember that pierced sun set that pierced my heart with fear I rember my fist clinched against your untamed heated chest the whimpers you gave as the folks walked up that Sturn broken road your head against mine hours of devotion I couldn't ask for a better friend your sweet smile was like a lullaby capturing every glimpse of emotion I'm rattled to be your friend days pass on and I still feel hopeless but every step that we tried to take felt like we were going on a journey into a distant future sweet wispers from the sunset I feel caged in these emotions taunting Me like an unsettled closer I've always felt close to you when the moon was forming
Old friend why are you being so shy this isn't like you to hold back from the night this isn't you I hate to say it but it's already been said I looked into your eyes for a moment and I saw heaven for the first time you looked into my eyes trying to hide It i new you were afraid you couldn't hide It i hope you don't stay away I bet all your fear is the same as mine please have mercy on my heart it's consuming all the air in my thoughts I'm not Prepared to let you go I'm begging you for mercy well bless my soul cause your a lovely soul cause you won't let go
It hurts me to see you drifting away I’m hurt I’m sad my heart is in fear I never imagined losing sleep I got a mind full of questions that just won't let me be questions a rise and no one wants to speak my eyes weakened can't spell out defeat I've been alone for ages but then you spoke out to me why oh why did I let it defeat me come along way from a road of self defeat I cried thinking it will never be the same I cried noing that you'd never sleep cause you'll be in a world of forever please don't forget me I've come a long way of hatred and defeat you've seen my struggles and my mind raised with ease the thought of you never being has terrified me help me it feels like the world has played me and im worried for the wrong things no you can't tell me it's been a long day cause the fear It won't let me meet you again my friend take all those memories don't loose them for friend I'm lost with out words if I'm missing you blame me for the fear but don't hold back your sight cause I'm begging for away to enter your existence some nights I pray harder for your presence I won't tell you I'm Lonley cause that would just ruin our friend ship Sweet friend and meet me here again ive had pain and sorrow but nothing could ever leave me with so much fear then loosing your smile they say I no you loved her but it's over now they tell me there's nothing left to say I said don't pull me away I see the blindness in your eyes today the shakes every day I no I'm loosing you now and I just can't make the pain go away I want walk you here we we are now after the after math here we are now no looking back
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