Lucky's Story
by Diana Backhouse.........................................

With the speed of light he won his race,
The pride of the trainer showed on his face.
He was led from the track to collect his prize,
The best dog ever in his owner's eyes.
With speed, like the cheetah, and determination
He was hailed as a champ, a canine sensation.
At three years old, he was at his peak
Until one day when he felt quite weak;
He limped round the track and lost his race.
He was beaten and whipped for his disgrace;
Then dumped by the roadside and left all forlorn.
He lay there and shivered from dusk until dawn.
He tried to find shelter and food by the way
But his hunger and misery grew day by day.
He limped into town and there he was found;
Was caught by the warden, from thence to the pound.
He was now on death row and still in his prime;
Would someone come and save him in time?
When he had raced, he'd been brushed till he shone
But now he was thin and his glossiness gone.
His eyes were dull; his coat a disgrace.
Was his life over now he'd won his last race?
But, on the horizon, a glimmer of light;
Someone who cared had heard of his plight!
He was taken then to a place of retreat;
Given a bath and plenty to eat.
There he grew strong and a little more plucky.
He needed a name, so they called him 'Lucky'.
Many a person came to look round
Wanting to give a home to a hound.
But Lucky got passed by again and again;
For eighteen long months, he was to remain Then we came along to collect a black bitch
Who'd been hit on the head and dumped in a ditch.
Lucky was fetched from his kennel to meet us;
With sad-looking eyes and a tail-wag did greet us.
So, we went home with Lucy, but Lucky came too
And day after day their confidence grew.
For four years, together, they spent day by day
Until Lucy, through cancer, was taken away.
For another four years he has given us joy;
Lucky, our black and beautiful boy!
Now, sadly, his heart has had it's last beat;
No more, with a wag of his tail, us to greet.
As I write of his life, I shed many a tear
And wish that my Lucky was still with me here.
At this very moment my heart feels much pain
As Lucky runs races with Lucy again!

© Diana E. Backhouse 2007

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