by Denise
After the pain of losing my sweet Misha puppy I thought I would never again but Misha’s spirit said no and he brought me to Dolly.
Dolly was a white pit who was rescued from a drug raid. She was mostly bald from demodex, cherry eye and heartworm positive. During our meeting she was more interested in the passing cars, I sat down on the ground to watch her and when she turned and looked at me I held my arms out to hug. She came running full steam, knocking me in my back covering my face with kisses. I knew at that moment we were meant to be. After a few days of being with me I discovered she was deaf; the rescue didn’t know and said I could return her but that wasn’t an option cause I was her mommy.
For 9 years she was a ball of energy and love, when excited she would turn bright pink cause all her hair never came back. People unfamiliar with pitties fell in love with her. One of her favorite games was running in the house to slide on the wood floors.
She was a laser beam of sunshine and love; she’d prance when excited and do a crazy dance at meal time. When she wanted to play she’d get in my face with tons of kisses.
I hate her first 2 years of life was a hell and I hate that the last month was hell from cancer. I hate I had 9 years of crazy girl and now none. I know Dolly loved me so much that hid the pain and she would have battled on to stay with me. I hate she left the same hole in my heart as when Misha left.
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