Chloe my love
by Denise Boone
Chloe came into our lives about 3 and a half years ago. She was adopted by my husband after he had lost his other dog. He was ill and when he went into hospice about 8 months later, I took Chloe with me . She was a beautiful, sweet Cocker Spaniel with such expressive eyes that would and could melt your heart. She had been abused before she came to us. So we loved her like she should have been from the start. We loved her, fawned over her and spoiled her because she should have always been made to feel the love that we bestowed upon her. She was our diva. Not long after we she came to her forever home, we noticed she was having some issues walking. Found out she had spinal issues and bone on bone in her hips. So lots of medicines were started. She did so good. Then injections to help. As time went on she started having other issues and we would spend more on x-rays and medications. I would have spent my last penny to make her healthy and pain-free. But over the next couple of years there were more issues that we , along of course with our vet, kept finding and trying to fight however we could. About 5 weeks ago we were sent to a specialist (a beautiful soul that tried so hard for her ) and found out our Miss Chloe had Cushings Disease. We were hoping that the diagnosis came at the beginning of her disease but we were not that lucky. Cushings is a very hard and terrible disease but we were ready to do whatever it took to help her. Within a week of her diagnosis she started breathing worse (we had noticed a change about a month before but thought it was the heat) and stopped eating pretty much. Back to the hospital for more tests. Pretty much for two weeks she was going to the hospital and coming back home. But she wouldn't eat and her breathing was bad. Like a pig snorting. Back to the hospital. She stayed for two nights. We visited and I brought her favorite foods trying to get her to eat something. No go. The third day the doctor did another sonogram and found masses in her throat and intestine. Actually she had many but those were the worst ones. They offered surgery but said if she found what she knew she would, she would suggest euthanizing on the table. I loved my sweet girl too much to put her through surgery that really would not matter at this point. So we made the heartwrenching decision to let her go. My daughter and I went to the hospital and carried Miss Chloe outside to a beautiful spot under a tree. We laid in the shade of that tree while she people and car watched (one of her favorite things to do). I would walk her and she loved laying in the grass just watching cars go by for an hour each walk. She loved feeling the breeze on her sweet face so we knew that this was the perfect thing to let her do. We laid there with her , loving on her, talking to her and letting her feel all the love that we had for her. She looked so content. She had looked so tired the night before when we visited her and that day when we got there. But while we were outside with her , she looked happy. She loved on us. But then a little over an hour later she started breathing hard so we knew we had to head in and let her go. I wanted to just run with her and bring her home but I knew it was better for her this way. We carried her inside and she laid right down on a blanket they had set up for her. She didn't even try to walk out of that room. She was ready to go. We held her in our arms so tight and I asked the doctor if we didn't do this about how long would she have. Maybe a week or two but if we hoped to have her pass slowly it would not be that way, It would be terrible for her. So , once again, we loved too much to let that happen to out sweet diva girl. So we held her and talked to her the whole time. She passed away so easily. That was July 15, 2016 at about 1:15 pm. Two weeks ago and I am still so heartbroken. Our house feels so empty. I come in the door and realize she isn't there to wag at us and shower us with love. I miss her laying on my bed with me at night, walking with her outside, playing with her and loving on her. She is so missed. And my heart is no longer complete. She was such a sweet girl that even one of the front desk women at the hospital hugged me when we picked up Miss Chloe's cremains and told me that since she had lost her dog a couple of years ago she had not fallen in love with another dog until Chloe came up there. She is missed by our neighbors because they always tried to talk to her and said how beautiful and sweet she was. My sweet Miss Chloe, I love you and I know one day when I go, you will be there waiting for me and we will be together again, people watching as we always did.
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