Too Many?
by Debby Brady
When I met my hubby in Sept. 2006, he had a beautiful Lab named Taffy. She was older and already getting arthritis. He also had a cat named Bailey. Bailey passed in 2007. As we were avid motorcycle riders, touring for much of the time, we had made the decision to not get any more animals once these two were gone. Well..I drove a school bus and our street was on my route. For five days, when I stopped at the corner, a little puppy got on my bus. I put her off every day but she returned each morning. Long story short, I kept her. Little Bit bonded with Taffy and Taffy was a great big sister. Then Taffy died and Little Bit quit eating for four days. We went to Shih Tzu rescue and got Pudge. Three weeks later, Dandie rescue called and we drove 200 miles and brought home Lacey. Now we have three. In Nov. of 2012 my daughter came for Thanksgiving with her rescued MaltyPoo. We decided to keep Sabrina, as my daughter didn't really have time to care for her. So now we have four. We laughed about going from "no more dogs" to 4. God always has other plans. And I'm so glad HE does. They are our babies, and we miss Lacey so very much.
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