You never leave me and I never leave you
by Debbie
“You never leave me and I never leave you.” I said this to you so many times through kisses and cuddles, knowing I would never be able to live without you. But then the day came, the worst day of my life, where you went to the rainbow. You were the best thing that ever happened to me, you were my healing light through all my suffering. We had our own language, we understood each other. The littlest things brought you so much joy, and you were my source of joy. Through all the horrible things I’ve been through, I always knew I’d be okay if I had you. Now you’re gone, and I have nothing. You were the most important thing in my world, you were my world, everything else was just details. I feel sharp pains in my heart when I see your favorite corner in the house is empty or your green bone that you were so protective over. Even in your last days, where you could not get up or walk, you were still giving me kisses as I lay on the floor with you. How excrutiating it is coming home from work and not hearing your high-pitched cry in the backyard or being there as soon as I opened the door. Sweet baby, mommy will never love anyone or anything as much as she loves you. I know something so pure as you can never die, you were an angel sent from heaven and to the rainbow you return. Sweet angel, I love you more than life and I will carry your beautiful heart in mine until I see you again. Don’t be scared, mommy is here now and forever.
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