Who rescued who?
by David Collis
One night your mommy and I got a call from her brother telling us that his neighbor had died and the estate was going to send you back to the shelter where he rescued you 10 years earlier.We were invited to visit you and decide if we could save you because of your age and medical issues your future wasn't good. I had recently retired and had a lot of "alone" time and you were a cute and happy dog I didn't want you to go to the shelter.
You took quite awhile to get over your grief and I gave you space.
As it turned out I was restless and you gave me peace especially when I put your leash on to go for a walk. We had fun together for a few years and age caught up with you got nearly blind and deaf and I helped you any way I could.
Finally your health was failing and life was painful for you. Even though I didn't want you to go I knew it was time to cross the bridge to be with out pain and to join your friends. I thought I saved you but it was you that saved me. I love you Leo and know we will be together again.
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