Lost a good friend
by Dave
Zoey 11 years old was a wonderful cat and a big part of our family. We have so many good memories of her.
Than we start smelling cat urine in on corner of the house. We took her to the Vet and they treated her for a urinating infection, they had no sample of her urine. 2 weeks she urinated again and we took her back to the Vet and they got a sample of her urine his time. There was no infection but they still treated her with an anti biotech. I asked the Vet should we try another test. She didn't really answer me.
Now I went to work tearing up the carpet, removing the carpet pad, painting the wood sub floor, putting in new base boards and repainting the air vent.
Smell was gone, we thought. Than 10 days later she peed again in the clean area.
We called the vet to have her put down. This was on a Wednesday, she couldn't take her in until Friday. That was a very tough time for us. Friday came and the Vet wanted to do more test. This time I was a little upset. Now she wants to try more test.
My wife said our house is really starting to smell. The Vet told us to tell our friends we have a cat that urinates in the house. If they don't like it don't invite them back. We put Zoey down and miss her terribly. It was a month ago yesterday.
We feel that we killed out wonderful Zoey. It hurts...
Comments would be appreciated by the author, Dave
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