The Cat that Never left
by Dani
When the Sun rises and I'm not on your pillow to greet you and purr. I know you'll feel so sad that I am not there.

When the tears fall through missing me so much and you think things won't ever be right. I'll come to you in dreams and remind you to sleep tight.

For I've not really left you, you see me every day. I'm in those cherished memories that are never far away.

So cry if it helps but please also laugh. I can see again and I'm heading down a very beautiful path. It's called the rainbow bridge, it has toys and my favourite foods. I miss you but I love it here. Your Grandads here and some of your friends too. They pet me as much as I like and even brush my fur! So don't feel bad as I've so much love and care.

I have to go now, Mum and chase a butterfly with my new youthful legs! I'll meet you in your dreams tonight whilst you're all tucked up in bed. I don't need to tell you where, you'll look inside your heart and you'll see I always lived in there. 🖤
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