My suna bunny
by Cynthia babcock
My suna was almost 15 before she crossed the rainbow bridge.she had a personality all her own. Some days she could be the sweetest girl ever and other days she let everyone know who was boss. She shared her home with me,my kids grandbaby, 2 other cats and 2 dogs.And everyone knew she was the queen nickname for her was suna bunny. She spent her days outside chasing mice, and bugs and anything else that moved.she loved laying in the sun stretching out and being lazy.Her favorite place was laying on my bed at night listening to me snore. She was in my book the best friend ever to me for 15 years. Well today she crossed the rainbow bridge and it is with a heavy heart I say goodbye. But in my heart I see my suna bunny running in the grass chasing anything that moves and I smile because she is free.
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