How Cold It Is Out Here
by Christine Macielak.........................................
How cold it is out here, the rain falling on me
But colder still, are the faces I see
They see me out here, they see my fear
But they pass me by, both far and near
I wish I could tell them I'm a sentient being
I think and I feel and God gave my life meaning
I'm meant to be by your side and to walk with you
To be a friend and companion in all that you do
I long for your friendship, the warmth of your home
I can make it a place where you'll not be alone
You think I'll just be a cat or dog in the way
Making you busy and wasting your day
But that's not the truth, no, not at all
I'm more than just a scraggly furball
I have given my health, been bred just to die
Where my voice was taken so none heard my cry
We've given and given, my kind and my kin
So you could live well, with your medicine
But you look at me now, with contempt and disdain
Though I've supported your soldiers and shared in their pain
I've fought in each war, and gave it my all
With my comrades I fight, and with them I fall
Today everywhere, in country and town
I serve and protect, bringing crime down
And make no mistake, I will give my life
If a choice must be made, in a moment of strife
I've been friend to the lowly, the homeless and kings
With me, it is never an issue of things
Possessions, position, don't matter to me
It's the affectionate love in your eyes that I see
And speaking of eyes, and ears and legs too
I have been that you know, to more than a few
It's a labor of love when the call comes to send
Me to be helper, companion and friend
I've brightened the days of the old and the widowed
Encouraged and loved the mocked and belittled
I've been the only one there to prevent the act
That a desperate person can never take back
It was I, yes I, who convinced them to stay
Without a word, holding depression at bay
I have done all these things, and so many more
Now it's up to you to open your door
And save me this time, from this suffering and hurt
You'll never regret it
Once you know my worth

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