Goodbye for Now
by Christine Macielak.........................................

A Poem for all animals and the people who love them;

Your loving eyes are closing
I wish it for the last
because if that is not to be
tomorrow's coming fast
I know I'll have to hold you
as I have done before
for my precious little furries
behind the vet's closed door
I'll have to watch, as you let go
and drift away from me
to go in peace to the bridge
where I cannot yet be
the comfort that I reach for
that I hold so dear
is knowing Jesus, Who made you
has moved in very near
He whispers softly in my ear
don't you understand?
he is not yours, he never was
I formed him with My hands
I brought him forth, created him
then sent him out to see
if there was someone who would love him
before he came home to Me
and I'll recall the love you showed him
when you stand before My throne
then I'll give him back to you
in your forever home

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