Charlie my Mister Sir
by Christine
Charlie my boy! You were my shadow my constant companion and protector! If there is such a thing as loving too much that was you and I.. you were meant to be a family dog and for some reason I was all you needed.. I’ll never know or be mad that your love for me turned to aggression towards others around us. I hope you know I love you and we are not mad at you! It wasn’t your fault, your little brain just didn’t quite understand.. I will miss you always! Everything I I do from vacuuming (which you always attacked) to showering (since sometimes you liked to jump in) to just walking down the hall there you are. A constant day to day in every way I think of you and miss you so deeply it physically hurts. I would of done anything to help you but I was scared so I had to do the hardest thing I’ve ever done and let you go! Please forgive me and know I will love you and cherish our short time together forever, my boy, my charlie Wally bird dog, my Mister Sir
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