Be happy, my Daisy
by Christine
235 days ago at approximately 1145 hrs, I held you, stroked your soft beagle ears and kissed your little head as you took your last breath. I told you how much I loved you (like I did so many times every day) and how sorry I was for not taking care of you like I had promised so many times. How did My healthy, beautiful, active girl come to this point only 2 days after being diagnosed with a liver mass? How could I have prevented this?
Your health deteriorated so quickly, Daisy. I was afraid you wouldn’t even survive the drive to the vet hospital, but you seemed to perk up when we arrived and had some pain medication. I still remained hopeful that the vets would be able to remove the mass the next morning and we would go back to our wonderful Ives together, but the tumours had spread and now the question was put to me “do you want us to wake Daisy from the anesthetic to say goodbye or say goodbye while she is still asleep?” And soI knew I would never look into your soulful beagle eyes again. And so the most loving thing I could do was to set you free then and there.
You brought such incredible happiness to my life for those 80 months that we shared, my heart dog. I ever believed in an afterlife, but now my heart so desperately clings to the Rainbow Bridge.
Please be happy, my Daisy. You are loved and missed and always will be. I want you to have fun with your friends and to enjoy the cuddles with Gramma (she always loved your visits at the nursing home) and Papa (you never met him in this life, but he will be your companion and couch partner until I see you again). I want you to be healthy, to run and sniff and Yelp in your sweet beagle way. I pray that I will see you again-I am 235 days closer to seeing you. KWMGJD
Without words you taught me so much about love, my heart dog. Thank you, sweet girl.

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