"Skinny" never had a chance in his short life
by Chadwick Mackay
A few weeks ago a skinny year old dump off kitty showed up at my back door looking for food. I put food out for all the unfortunate drop offs the city people leave in the country. He had been a pet "I named SKINNY" as he was semi friendly and could quickly pet as I put out food. After a couple weeks he and 4 others disappeared. Yesterday he showed up with a gaping wound on his left rear side. It was smelly and maggoty infested and all he could do is eat a few bites of kibble... He layed down in my arms and rested his head on my hand as to say thank you. I could see he was giving up... I did not give up and took him to the 24 hour vet... Surgery, debreiing, and tons of IV and antibiotics late. He never stood up again and laid down all day and all night... The infection and nicrosis was too much. I had to put him to sleep... (Hold back tears) I wanted "Shinny" to have a chance but he was too far gone. I will always thank him for returning to me for a safe spot... I burried him an hour ago and wish him happiness as he can now play with our other kitties that have crossed the bridge... Huggs... Skinny... No matter how short our time was together you were a wonder to me.. Thank you.
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