Peanut's Letter: I Made it Home
by Cathyuh Wierman
I know you were with me in the last moments of my life.
I saw your tears flowing and deep sadness on your face. I wish I could have taken your pain away.
I want you to know I made it to the Bridge. I'm safe,whole, and free. Please don't be sad for me. I'm here with Angel. She invited me through the gates. I sniffed the fresh clean air. The soft green grass felt great under my paws. Then Angel introduced me to the posse and we became friends.
This a place where we play, frolic and have fun together surrounded by love.
I MISS you so very much ans I hope know I left you because it was my time. I have a piece of your heart with me, a reminder of you and the love you had for me.
I am safe, happy, healthy and free. I thank you for everything you've done for me
My love will always be with you. I know someday we'll be toghther again and will begin a new chapter of our livestogether will have begun. I MISS YOU!
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