Ollie Saved My Life... Literally
by Cassandra
01/10/2014 - 08/01/2020

Ollie literally saved my life.

In 2017, I was living out of home. I lived in a house which didn’t feel like my own. My partner worked nights. I worked a job I hated.

I got home one night, shut the garage door, but I didn’t turn the car off. I was ready to go. I needed to go. I was broken.

Then I noticed a little shadow.

Ollies paw was under the door, almost summoning me to come inside. And I thought, “crap, the cats must be hungry. I’ll go feed the cats and then I’ll come back out.”

As Oscar and Effie started to eat, Ollie sat at my feet. He meowed and stretched out onto my leg. He wasn’t going to let me go.

That night he saved my life. I only wish I could have saved his.
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