A Resting place
by Carole
My girl Sam passed away on August 09 2016 and still I grieve for her. She was my first dog, my best friend, and my companion. Upon her death I had her cremated and she sits on a cabinet in my office for me to see her every day. I find this to be incredibly difficult to deal with as this small box is a constant reminder that she is gone and all that is left is a wooden box of ashes. In order for me to move on, I realize that I must let her go and find her a resting place. I bought a small urn to keep as a token and will set the rest of her under a Japanese maple at my new farm. There's another Dog out there who needs me and that I also need, may you rest in peace Samantha, no one will ever replace you, my girl, thank you for the best 15 yrs of my life.
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