My Miss
by Carol Schaubschlager
I scrambled some eggs this morning, and you weren't there to look up at me for your fair share.
Spent the morning throwing out your toys, especially the ones that made all the noise.
Cleaned out your stuff and will take it to the vet, in hopes that others can use it yet.
You loved your rides in your crate, at the truck door you'd patiently wait. Load up was your favorite word along with ball and eat and there's a bird.
You started life in the mountains and hills, watching the cows was your greatest thrill. Ending here was a blessing from above for a life so filled with with trust and love.
Your last days were special, sad you had to exist so artificial. Life with pain and pills and sorrow, does not make a great tomorrow.
You arer not at the door, when we come home, we are feeling very alone.

Carol, 19 July 2019
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