Sprocket, Always in Our Hearts
by CandaceandMichael
It's been almost a week since you passed from this world, and I'm starting to lose all my wits,
To the Sprocket who loved without expectation, boy you will surely be missed.
I started off not liking you very much, and would kick you right out of the bed,
But as time would go by, you'd capture my heart, and sleep right on top of my head.
Your mom and I are so perplexed that you're gone, the house feels like something is off,
Your noises, your cuddles, your kisses, your snuggles, and even your weasing and cough.
My little man, how I love you so much, I felt you were more than a dog,
I know that your leaving is part of His plan, we're trusting in Almighty God.
So I'll always love you and cherish the time that you followed me all around,
We give this to Jesus and pray that He may give comfort to us when we're down.
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