The Promise
by ginny Brancato
The Promise Sometimes promises are made when you least expect and change takes place when you are not ready. "Fifi, my Fifi, this is so hard. I can't do this. How can I let you go? I'm not ready, I will never be ready. How will I go on without you? Nothing will ever be the same. Ever. Will you come back please? I need you to..will you, will you Fifi...will you sometimes come back and visit, you know... some kind of a sign.. a swish of your tail against me... maybe a Rainbow over the clouds when I'm really really blue? Will you Fifi? Will you come back please? I need you to." "Does it mean that much?" “Yes Fifi, It means so very much." “I know it does said Fifi" "You promise? You Promise you'll never really leave me?" “I promise,” said Fifi. I believed her. By Ginny (Fificat) Brancato In Memory of Fifi gone on ahead to Rainbow Bridge Fifi's Rainbow Bridge Residency
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