It's a People Thing
by Ginny Brancato
"She's crying again, I don't like it when my mom cries," Bo meowed to Fifi and the others. I know they all meowed back in succession. It upsets us too. "It makes me so sad when she cries, and I miss her so much," Bo said. Bo turned to the others. "Fifi, she knows I miss her right? They know we miss them, everyone chanted back to Bo. "But why do they always cry so much," Bo asked. They know we are waiting and we will see them again"? "Well, Fifi purred, "IT'S A PEOPLE THING."

BO looked out over the rainbow. The colors of red, blue and pink were all combined together and cast a soft glow over his shiny black fur. It gleaned silky in the rays. Fifi Patted his head with her furry paw. "They love us so much and we love them too. Don't be sad, Bo. Neek is helping your mom get thru this. Of course no one ever replaces us. We were special." This time everyone chanted "Yes," together.

"Well, Bo said, I do miss the little things. I miss how mommy always rubbed my belly and called me her handsome boy. I miss her calling me sweetie. Bo glanced over at the rainbow and across the golden glow of the Rainbow Bridge. I am waiting Mom. We are all waiting. We will see you all again and you can rub my tummy and coo in my ear. Don't be sad Mom. We will be together once more."

Bo turned again to Fifi. He had a solemn look on his face. His white whiskers were perfect, his paws a shiny white. "Fifi? If they all know we will see them again then why are they crying? They know don't they? My mom knows I am waiting. We are all waiting?" "Yes, everyone cooed back. They really know, don't they?" "Yes, Fifi said, they know, IT'S A PEOPLE THING."

All of a sudden a radiant white light glowed over all of them. The bridge lit up in a golden color and a luminous figure walked across the bridge. Everyone ran towards the figure, tails wagging, furiously. It's my mom somebody shouted. It's for me. It's for me! Bye!! HURRAY could be heard and squeals of delight filled the blue sky. Bye, bye, they all said. Bye! Bye, Bo yelled loudly. He felt so much better now. He knew for sure he would see his mom again and he knew, she knew, he was waiting.

They could see the figure scoop up their delighted little furry friend. Kisses and licks were exchanged, hugs and more hugs and tears... "See, Fifi said, when they all the saw the tears. "IT'S A PEOPLE THING."

-Ginny Brancato (Fificat) 10-12-99

Written for Nancy Potters beloved "BO" and all the other furbabies gone on ahead to Rainbow Bridge. Dedicated to Fifi and all Gods Creatures
Comments would be appreciated by the author, Ginny Brancato