Will My Mommy Remember me? Conversations from the Bridge..
by Ginny Brancato
"Come on Ti, hurry," Fifi meowed as all the others ran toward the glowing light of the bridge beyond the meadow.
"Oh Fifi,.Look, Look!" A shimmering light surrounded the meadow and cast a soft golden glow on everyone especially the kitty jumping over the white billowy clouds..

"It's POOH," Ti meowed loudly! "It's my baby brother Pooh!"
There beyond the bright glowing light was Pooh, jumping way up high meowing all of the time.. In glee, Pooh, strong again, healthy, and singing loudly, "I'm free..free..free..Look, "How high, how high, I jump, NO roofs! Look at me"!! 
Everyone giggled, and excitingly ran to meet the radiant and joyful pooh, Pooh who continued to bellow, "How high, how high, I jump, NO roofs! Look at me"!! 

The golden colors of rainbow, now in the distance still cast a soft glow on all the babies. A light trickle of rain, showered each head and tails wagged happily and the birds flapped their wings in delight. A moment later the sun sprinkled sunbeams in tiny bursts of rays and meows and woofs of sheer delight could be heard throughout the green velvet meadow. 

"So happy to meet you Mr. Pooh," a little blue bird whistled in the Pooh's ear. 
"Yes," the others all chanted together in union, "We are so happy to meet you" and furry paws and licks of welcome engulfed the Pooh. An extra big hug came from Ti, who was beaming proudly. "I taught him everything, yes, I did!" 
Everyone giggled...again as Pooh once more began to jump up high and sing, I'm free..free..free..Look "How high, how high, I jump, NO roofs! Look at me"!! 

In the distance the rainbow could be seen, flowers yawned and sprouted buds and the light splashing sound of fish frolicking in the brooks nearby, created a delightful melody. Maxie meowed, proudly tossing back her long mane of fur. 
Pooh, Remember how mom had to always cut my fur because it bothered me? 
Pooh stopped abruptly. One jump way up high and then he just stopped. A serious expression came over his face and he wrinkled up his long whiskers. The Pooh looked around at some of his new friends and at Ti, Maxie Angus and Macgregor too.
Fifi? Fifi, Pooh meowed. I have a question. "Fifi?? Do you think Mommy will remember me"?

Everyone began to form a large circle and meows and woofs and every animal sound the Lord ever created cluttered the bluer than blue sky. Even the flowers swayed to hear the answer. "Do our mommy's ever forget everyone chanted back again? Do they Fifi, do they ever forget?" Cries of, "Will my mommy remember me," could be heard throughout the Bridge.

Fifi bowed her head.. "Pooh..you ask a question..you all do. Yet you all know the answer as well as I do. Yes, you all know in your hearts. You know.. We will meet once again, a mother's love can never forget." 

Just a brief moment passed. Everyone glanced at each other. A giggle could be heard, then another. Meows and woofs and the swish of wagging tails and flapping wings fanned the air making sweet, sweet music. Everyone sang joyfully together in harmony and the stars sparkled and twinkled ever so merrily in tune to the emotion of love. 

The furry figures of Chipper and Buffy on a pink cotton cloud danced round and round with Tessie the hamster and Jezzie the elegant chocolate mare. The beautiful calico princess April, hugged the gentle Casey Bear close to her heart and the handsome BO clutched the regal Mia Renee tenderly. Floyd stretched one furry paw around the golden prince, Nicky and the other around Precious, and all sighed contentedly. Maxie, Angus, Ti and Macgregor held one another, ever so lovingly ... and Pooh? 

Well, the pooh, he began to jump, jumping way up high meowing all of the time.. In glee.. Pooh, strong again, healthy, singing loudly, "I'm free..free..free..Look, "How high, how high, I jump, NO roofs! 
Mommy could never, ever, forget me!!" 

-ginny Brancato (Fificat) 2/13/00
Written for Laurie Kris Thomson's beloved "POOH" and all the other furbabies gone on ahead to Rainbow Bridge. 

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