I'll be there
by Beverly Holt
This story is about my sister Barbara's beloveds. Years ago I sat with her sweet Toby when he took his last earthly breath. After searching for another puppy to love she found her next beloved, a rescue, and oddly enough his name was Toby. But she renamed him Pogo. A sweet sweet spaniel, with luxurious white and golden orange fur. He quickly became her best friend, companion, comfort and joy. Over the past 12 years he had the best life. She gave him exactly what he needed. And I think he did the same for her. This past year he became ill, losing hearing, sight and more. It was apparent he was not able to enjoy the comfort of home or his companionship as he had and it was the kind and loving act to release him from his pain. This is an incredibly, almost unbearable decision to make.
Three nights ago I awoke to the presence of Toby, just as clear as if he were standing there. He was beautiful, happy and caring. He wanted me to relay the message to his dear Barbara, " I'll be there, I'm waiting for my brother, he will be fine."
I've never known for sure but now I do... We will be reunited with those beloved pets. We are so limited in our comprehension of space and time. But I am assured there is more and Barbara's Toby and Pogo will be waiting for her someday as well the others she has loved over the years, Dickens and Scruffy.
I am thankful for having known them. What a blessing.
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