Callie Grace Cartwright
by Bev Cartwright
Callie Grace Cartwright
Aug 24 2014 - Nov 16 2019

On July 2nd 2015 in Fresno you were all alone, emaciated, injured and hiding from fear
It took quite a few attempts for you to let Neil get anywhere near
In the parking lot of a strip mall in the middle of nowhere and with nobody around
We finally took you back to Lyneas’ where from now on you’d be kept forever safe and sound
With the help from Lisa and L.A rescue, they took you as a temporary measure
July 24th we flew back for you, your delight to see us was such a heartfelt pleasure
We took things slow and easy, it was 3 months before you would bark
You wouldn’t enter a dark room the ravine, you were very submissive in the dog park
Any man that looked like father Christmas we could see the fear in your face
So we’d give them a wide berth for you so we could protect your space
After only 3 weeks we left with you neigbours for only a few hours that day
Then we got a phone call to say that you did not want to be there and that you had broken away
Friends rallied round to help search for you, you must have felt so scared and alone
7 hours went by, there was no sign of you but you were in the garden you wanted to be home
Bedazzled by jewels, your coats stitched with your name, everything with a touch of pink
We know your grandma would give her approval with a smile and a sign of a wink
A friend, a son a brother we thought would do you the world of good, so Neville came along
The love you two had for each other was so intense and your bond was so very strong
You became to all of us our guardian our angel, protector and the family core
So gentle and partial to belly rubs yet if anyone would upset us they would feel you roar
You only managed a third of your life, which makes us so angry and mad
But it was filled with so much love towards you, for that we are so thankful and glad
Sadly we found out your genetic makeup wasn’t wired up quite right
We were blessed to have you in our lives and your star will forever shine bright
So thank you Princess Callie for enriching our lives with your gentle soul
Our hearts will be forever broken because of you and will never be completely whole.
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