Tribute to Mollie Brown
by Barry Cole
Mollie Brown was approximately ten minutes old when I first held her in my hand. She was born third of a litter of eleven. Her step sister, my daughter, ripped open the sack of # 11 who became the love of da momma. Her story. Mollie left when she was 6 wks old, came back to me when she was 8.5 wks old with bad sickness and worse attitude. I felt you were something special when you went after all the fur kids only not me with them. Mollie you saved me when I desperately needed help in the emotional areas. You were there with me when She was a basket case. She had Deeogee and I had you. you were never faltering in love or helping paw. I loved the way you so trusted me, and how you would sit between my legs and look at me with your big brown eyes. I felt so loved from you,Knowing that you felt it from me. I learned don't look for trouble, don't back down from it. Only a Pitbull could have allowed my slow human to figure it out. Mollie was the epitomy of Pits, and I truly feel honored for her allowing me to be her and the rest of the pack of five pits to be their leader. Mollie taught me how to be with dogs of all kinds and love and accept them for who they are. So much simpler than humans. Mollie taught me what unconditional love and trust are. Forever will I be grateful for her allowing me to lead. She was the bestest Pit anyone could ask for. Mollie was the breed ambassador for Pits, and she showed people what being a pit meant. For that I will always be grateful, people have been given a new way of seeing dogs. Thanx Mollie girl. You'll always be my Baby girl.
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