Transition I hope for all when it is time
by Barbara Peterson
Again, at an anniversary, I seem to turn a corner. It seems, from all of the stories, much and I mean much grieving the depths of which I did not know existed, I am beginning to feel better. I must tell Kiki♥️Baby girl, I have cried and cried. Hours have been spent poring overs experience and understanding how very much an understand of their experience. THANK you all who have helped me. I am certain I could have begun an ascent without you and of course Ginny’s brilliant experience to serve as guides and shoulders to lean on. And, I must soon write to Kiki because I have felt her unwavering love and concern. Til then, my wish others will take hope and inspiration from my experience. With much gratitude, I’ll sign off for now. 🙌🌈🥰💐💕🐶💋.
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