the best 10 years ever
by Ashlynn
I was 4 when I first met you Candy. With your silky black fur and big brown eyes with your energy spreading throughout your body. I remember when I was 5 and my brother came out to visit and you got so excited you knocked him over. I'm 14 now. And when the news broke so did I. You've been my best 10 years ever. Playing tug o war and running up and down the yard with your toy and you chasing me. Watching the sunset rise, how you waited for me to be done with my shower. Knocking my arm when we ate dinner because you were ALWAYS hungry. You made me feel safe and secure when I went to bed. Remember our naps in the living room ? Or the walks and car rides to my bus stop? Your my best friend, we grew up together, we were sisters. You were there when I was a troublemaker and when I was an angel. When i got my first boyfriend to my first fish to all these things. It breaks my heart scattered pieces when I think of you . I love you so much Candy. I hope you know you were my first dog I ever had .. You'll forever have a place in my heart ❤ along with a part of me no matter where you go. I love you baby girl
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