by Arpita
Topsy - It's been 2 months today since you left us, but I still can't believe.

I had a dream yesterday about you visiting me and greeting me with your happy personality like you used to do. That happy wagging tail, I miss that so much.

Everytime I buy something for Rick (Labrador) I remember you and how I wish that if you were here with me.

I am literally not able to move on with this. Things are getting difficult for me day by day.
I have loved you and Rick more than any person I have ever loved in this whole universe.

I'll be joining you very soon as I know that you too miss me very much. This was not a good bye but a see you again. Yes, living here on this earth without you is very difficult but as soon as my responsibilities are over here on earth I will join you and then we (Topsy, Rick & Me) will be together for eternity.

Till then be happy and blessed. Enjoy your time with your friends and family there who passed away before you. Remember I miss you soo much because I love you so much. And Rick miss you too and loves you too.
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