The love of my life 💗
by Arpita
I always wanted a pet dog for myself. It is said that if God wants to teach you something, he will send an angel into your life. So he send Topsy (Spitz) and Rick (Labrador) into my life. A dog comes into your life to teach you a beautiful lesson of unconditional love and not everybody gets that privilege to own a dog. I am lucky and blessed to have not one but two.
Topsy came into my life on 20 March, 2012 just a day before his first birthday. I was going through one of the toughest time of my life at that time due to some medical complications and I had given up every hope that I'll ever get back on my feet.
When Topsy was around 1.5 years old he had some serious medical complications due to which he started having skin issues. His conditions was just unbearable and my family including me started getting worried about him. But he fought through it bravely and in next 6-7 months of treatment he was completely cured and healthy again. He lived with me for 10.5 years and within these years he taught me how to be strong and fearless whenever life throws a challenge at you and fight bravely through it. He was diagnosed with bladder issues in 2021, but he even went through it.
He was a dream dog to me. Whenever I used to feel depressed and feel like crying I used to express my feelings to him. And it was like he used to understand my words. We never trained him how to be a good dog at home or with other people or with other dogs because it was never required, it seems like he was already trained since his birth. He even taught his good behaviours to his younger brother Rick (Labrador).
Whenever he used to get sick and I used to take him to the doctor, the doctor would suggest that he is just ill and prescribed me medicine. But the doctor never ever told me that my baby was suffering from lungs issues until it became severe. He was a very happy and playful boy. 2 days before he died, he took his bath and I also gave him his favourite dog treat. I didn't even realised that he will pass away so suddenly. A night before he passed away I fed him some milk and biscuits (as he had lost his appetite and was not having anything) and after that gave him a good night kiss ( Which I used to do every night) but I never knew that it was the last time I am feeding him and it was the last good night kiss. I went to sleep in the next room. He used to sleep in my parent's room. Around 3 a.m my mother woke me up with a tearful eyes and said that "Topsy passed away". My whole world shattered at that moment. I ran to see my baby and he was dying. I just wanted to save him but could not, I was feeling helpless as my baby was dying. Within few minutes my baby passed away, just in front of my eyes. I won't be able to forget those last moments ever in my life. My life changed and I changed since that day. If just the doctor had properly examined my baby before and would have informed us what the actual problem was, I believe my boy would have been with my side today. I just feel bad that I could not save him and could not do anything to save my baby just because of doctor's ignorance. I am writing the whole story with a tearful eyes.
There is no Topsy to greet me when I return back home from office.
There is no Topsy to keep an eye on me what I am doing the whole day whenever I am home.
There is no Topsy to follow me around the whole time .
There is no Topsy to get overjoyed whenever I bring ice-cream.
I miss him very badly because I love him very much. My heartaches whenever I remember his last moments. I had many plans for him which I could not fulfill. I think that I will not be able to love my own child the way I love my both dogs.

I love you Topsy and will always be and I am sorry for whatever happened to you. Rick miss you too. I know you are happy and healthy now and have made many new friends up in the dog heaven. Stay happy and blessed. We will meet again when my time on this earth completes.

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