My best teachers in the whole universe
by Arpita
September 5, 2023

Dear Topsy, India is celebrating Teacher's Day today all around the country and how can I forget to thank my teachers, My Topsy (Passed away on July 31, 2023) and My Rick (Labrador).

You both were and you both will be my most cutest and best teachers I ever had or will have in my whole life. You both taught me the most important lesson of SELF LOVE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE which no human could have ever taught me. And I am still learning many things from Rick now.

Thank you to you both for coming into my life and changing my life for good forever.

But I still miss you Topsy and I don't know how to continue my life without you. I try to calm down myself by doing my every day meditation but I end up crying. If the only comfort I am getting at this moment that is only because of Rick. The pain I am going through at this time of my life cannot be expressed in words.

Looking forward to meet you again in heaven....just remember me and Rick and all whom you have loved in this life, I will be joining you soon. We all will be together again and this time forever.Till then take care of yourself and be happy and blessed.

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