It's RICK'S birthday today
by Arpita
Topsy - It's RICK'S birthday today. He turns 9 today. I know you or Rick doesn't know what birthdays are but both of yours birthday is very special for me. I may forget or not celebrate my birthday but both of yours birthdays always brings so much happiness and peace to my heart. You may not be physically present today with Rick but I know you are present in spirit with him. I remember when RICK came to our family for the first time. He was so little and you became his big brother. If he had ever known any dog since he was a little notorious pup it was only you. You taught him so many things and he has proved to be a very good boy. Now without you no where around him makes him miss you too but how would I explain him where you are. I always try to be with him so that he don't miss you much.And soon your birthday is coming and I don't know how will I be reacting on that day, remembering you already make me so much emotional and brings heartache so don't know what I would do on your birthday without you physically present here.

I will be writing you again soon. And I already wished RICK on your behalf on his birthday today.
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