Happy New Year in Heaven.....Topsy!!!!
by Arpita
Topsy - Happy New Year in Heaven. Today heaven is lucky to have you on New Year day as they have the company of a great spirit full of love and happiness. Yesterday night on 31st of December when the whole world was celebrating and welcoming the new year I was sad and remembering the past years how we together used to welcome the new year. I missed you very badly yesterday. I even was not able to sleep last night.
With this it's 5 months today when you left us. In this 5 months not even a single day passed when I didn't remembered you or missed you. I may not show my grief and sadness to the world anymore but I deal with it all alone every single night.

I wish you a Happy New Year 2024 from me and Rick. Be Happy, be blessed and be healthy always.

I and Rick is going to join you very soon and then we will be together again forever.
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