Happy Diwali Topsy
by Arpita
Topsy - I am just missing you more than what I can express in words. My days are not passing like it used to be when you where here with me.
It's DIWALI here in India (the festivals of lights and to symbolize the victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance). I remember how you used to ignore this festival because of the crackers and fireworks all around. I used to keep you safe and away from those noises as you used to be very depressed and frightened from those noises. Now you are free from those. But I am missing you badly beside me. Without you.....no festival....no celebration...seems happy or complete to me. This year I am not celebrating any festival because I am mentally not in a good condition to celebrate any festival. I have cleaned your grave area today and will be decorating with Little lamps as to wish you Happy Diwali.

However, I just want to wish you

A very Happy Diwali TOPSY
and know that I am missing you this Diwali.

Again I would like to say that I miss you soo much because I love you so much. I and Rick is going to join you very soon and we will be together again forever.
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