Happy Birthday TOPSY !!!
by Arpita
Topsy, as I visit your resting place
upon this special day (your birthday),
Once more I feel the sadness
That will never go away.
For, ever since you have gone,
Life has never been the same.
Yet, it comforts me to know
That one day we will meet again.
Until that day arrives,
I will relive every memory
Of the happy times we shared
Together - you and me.
For, I miss you so very much
And words never could convey
The extent of the joy
That you brought to me everyday.

So many happy memories, come flooding back today, of birthday celebrations before you went away.

Those wonderful occasions never changed throughout the years, but now your smile is missing replaced with birthday tears.

You may not be here with us, but the day means just as much, And I can feel your presence and the comfort of your touch.

I'll celebrate your birthday the way I always do, for the precious love between us and all I owe to you.

I missed you soo much today. I visited a Durga Temple today and prayed for you and asked God to keep you happy and blessed always.

Rick wishes you Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday Topsy!!!
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