Dear Gus
by April
Dear Gus,
When I was 19 I was living out of my parents house for the first time and all I wanted was a dog. Even though I was living on my own, mom and dad kept saying no so I never got one. Until one day I was going to get my laptop fixed at Best Buy and there was a tent outside of Petsmart selling puppies. You entered my life then and it was the best day ever. We grew up together. I had only had you a month when I had my first horrible breakup and you were there comforting me. You got me through so much stuff over the next 12 years. You moved everywhere with me. You loved me unconditionally and I loved you the same. We were a team. When I brought Abraham home we were a family of 3 and I was complete. There was no me without you. When we moved states away from all family you and Abraham were my everything even more than before and I didn’t think that was possible. You and your brother were home to me. When I brought Tulip home we became a family of 4 and once again became even more complete. Anytime you were sick I did everything to get you better with medicine and you always got better. So this last time I thought we would just go to ver get some medicine and get better. I never knew you would never come home. I don’t know if I made the right decision still. I take comfort in the fact that you aren’t suffering, but without you here I am suffering. I feel selfish because part of me wishes I would have just brought you home with me. Our family is incomplete now. You should be here. How were you here one minute and gone the next. Why were you taken away from me? I miss you and I want you here.
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