Eyes with the Look of Love
by Anne
Winston was courageous and beautiful in spirit and heart. He could make you laugh at his antics. Winston would do anything to please, just to get in your lap. Holding a 80 pounds of solid muscle is not a lap dog He knew it too and did not care.

Never ever put a sandwich down unless you made sure he had his sandwich right alone side yours. We would sit in front of the couch on his blanket and watch a movie together on our picnics. He would finish his off, look at you with those eyes, I broke down every time gave him my other half.

One time he decided I soak in the tub enough came and look at me and barked his I love you bark, jumped right in and paddled in the water of my garden tub. Just so I get out, and pay him attention.

But his eyes, followed you around the room, and all my friends said, he loved me so much that he didn't see other people, just me. He stayed by me in sickness, and he was my protector and best friend. He loved his rides in the car, he would always turn to me and stare at me with so much care. He raise his paw up to my arm when he was ready to go home and take a nap, which meant I had to take a nap too.

I would bless him at night and tell him, I loved him, he would grunt at me and lick my hand, he watch me close my door but in the morning he was waiting outside that door for me to come be with him.

If there are angel dogs anywhere he is one now. His eyes spoke volumes and many people said that about him, from calming down a child who was crying, to sitting and watching out the window for his Dad to come home. He always said it with love from those eyes.

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