by Anne Kitko
I've been sidetracked... I've been an animal rescuer (mainly dogs and cats) but any critter who fell into my path for decades.... A grown,neutered male cat adopted me about a year ago... I thought he must belong to someone since he looked healthy and was neutered. He'd come and go and I'd feed him along with the several feral cats I had fixed over the years... I named him Ben... Then Ben stopped showing up as often as he used to.... then he stopped eating.... I brought him into my house and set him up in one of my spare rooms... he didn't eat for two days. I took him to my vet this morning... This 'stray' sweet kitty had feline leukemia, feline AIDS and was going into kidney and liver failure..... I authorized his euthanasia.... he'll be cremated and cross to The Rainbow Bridge where one day I'll see him again... I'm crying now... this special cat looked me in the eye, meowed and asked me to help him cross I did... I'll see you again someday, Ben... My vet put his age at only around 5 yrs. Someone abandoned him or dumped him, of that I'm sure. And whoever once had him obviously did not vaccinate him. I know there's a special place in H--L for those who toss away precious animal souls like Ben... Forever loved he will be.
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