How Can I Explain?
by Ann
You looked up at me with big brown eyes
To take the treat I offered.
How could you know, oh God, how could he know
It would be one of the last that I offered?

We killed your loving spirit, your loving heartbeat stopped.
I remember oh, so clearly, your face on that terrible day.
The look of trust and innocence
slowly slipped away.

No one can comprehend
The last struggling breathes you took,
Our faithful, loyal dog,
Gave us one last longing look.

You had no conception of
What your humans planned to do,
You still did your duty,
You loved us through and through!

So sweet your face, I cannot forget,
How you looked at me that day.
How can I justify the future to you
that ahead did lay?

I will never forget your big brown eyes
that I betrayed
You never knew of the terrible plans
that we had made.

I'm sorry dearest, dearest friend,
I loved you to the end.
I didn't want to do it
You were my best friend!

It wasn't your fault,
You hadn't a clue
It happened so fast,
We just didn't know dearest, dearest Lenny
What to do!

So now your toys,
They lay quite still,
And your food and water dish is empty
Never again to be filled.

I'll never see you enjoy again
The warm soft summer breeze
Or playing outside carefree
All the way to the first winter freeze.

I miss you oh, so very much!
How can I explain?
To you dearest friend
That that sweet summer day, was the end?

I love you my dearest, sweetest, strongest,
Most loving Lenny Boxer!
My most loyal and loving friend!
Rest in Peace my sweet boy Lenny!
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