Mans Best Friend
by Anita Adams
They say dog is a man's best friend
Well mine was till the very end
He didn't ask anything of me
Returned his love for free
He would always walk beside my side
I had nothing to fear, no reason to hide
I knew I was the one he would always protect
The way he was I would never forget
He would listen and never judge
When tears flowed, by my side he would not budge
He would share his happiness with his tail
He was my best friend that would never fail
His excitement to see me made me smile
A fantastic emotion by a mile
At night he would snuggle by my side
I was his joy, he was my pride
Mornings always fresh and new
The way he would look at me, it was the same for him too
For he was the best friend i always yearned for
My only wish, years together we had more
My inner secrets were told
I knew forever he would hold
He was the most loyal one in my life
He saw me through times of stress and strife
The contentment he brought me was so very real
Without him only sadness I feel
How can you live life without a best friend
Mine was my dog till his dying end
My beautiful friend, I will never forget you
You are in my heart forever true.
Goodbye my friend, thank you.
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