In Memory of Samara
by Anita Dinwiddie
In Memory of Samara

Some say 3 is a lucky number
And you, as dog number 3, for us it rings true.
Your dad came in to the mall store
Merely curious when he looked and saw you
With your bright eyes and happy smile
Capturing his heart that day.
Twenty-four hours later
You entered our lives to stay
From 2008 until 7/27, 2019
When early that Saturday morn
After a week of being sick
From our lives you were suddenly torn.
We miss your happy demeanour,
Greeting us when we come home.
You have crossed the Rainbow Bridge
Where you can now happily roam
Along with your brother Socrates
Both of you watching over us with love
And waiting for our family reunion
When we join you in heaven above!

ACD 6/25/23
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