by Andreas Hofmann
The neighbors were doing some unapproved construction on their property and a truck hit a power line, they did not call the power company at all instead they played with the wire watching it spark the investigation says. They tied the wire to a brick and place it on an aluminum cable cone. I walked my dog Jack one last time to pee for the night and he lifted his leg to pee on the cone I never saw the wire there. All of a sudden a huge explosion of an electrical spark and Jack fell to the ground his feet were burned, he was having a seizure, then screamed for what seemed like an eternity, neighbors came out then I saw the life leave his body, I was in shock, oh how he suffered, I felt so powerless, the video plays in my mind constantly, for two weeks I could feel him in the house following me, I would turn around and see nothing there though. I adopted another American Eskimo dog named Herbie, I think Jack was happy for me, and went on to heaven to wait for me. I miss him so much.
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