Let's let someone else save her.
by Amelia
"Where am I?" Rico wondered
"You're at the Rainbow Bridge. I'm Nikey, the dog the rescued your person before you. Thank you."
"Really? She always talked about you. You were so important to her. She misses you so much."
"And she misses you too."
"Wait, why? I just saw her."
"You have been put out of pain, and into a new light, you can run, and play, and check up on your person whenever you want. She will know your there."
" But, she wasn't ready, she was saying she would never let me go, and asking me to fight."
"And you did the right thing, you fought as hard as you could,"
" Well can I see her now?"
"Let's go."

"Why is she crying if she knows I'm okay?"
" She knows your okay, but she wants you to be okay with her. She wants to cuddle with you one last time, she wants to wake up to your wagging tail and come home after a long day to it."
" I want to too."
"Well let's bring another dog in her way, let's let another dog rescue her, let's give her another furbaby to cuddle, a tail to wake up and come home to."
"Yes. Let's do it"

Your furbaby is or will put another furbaby to warm up that part of your heart that feels like stone. It may be fast, because they have mad research skills, or it may be slow, after all, they don't have aposable thumbs. My furbaby was released across the bridge on 12-31-15, he was 9 years old, the vet expected him to die at 2. It really hurts and it sucks. I am sorry for your loss.
Comments would be appreciated by the author, Amelia
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