by Alondra
Whenever i would have a hard day at school, or when i would feel would always be there to listen to me. When i was younger you went to go catch the ball and while you ran you knocked me over and i started laughing😂you would always let us know when a family member was here or when someone or something was around, you'd bark to let us know, now that your not here with us anymore, we never know when someone is around. you were the leader of the othe dogs, mocha and pinto. you dug up holes in the backyard and would make a mess. but you were always so happy, joyful, and friendly. it breaks my heart you're not with us no more. the other dogs miss you too. one of them was crying for you..looking for you. all of our hearts ache at the fact we lost a family member. we love you so much snowy, we all miss you. you're in a much better place now..most likely crossin over the rainbow bridge..i hope you're happy and you've made friends now. i've been outside walking around...looking at your paw prints🐾seeing the balls you would chase when dad threw it...🎾⚽️ you're FOREVER and ALWAYS going to be in our hearts Snowy Aguilera❤️🐾it's not a goodbye..but a see you later baby😘 "go get the ball boy" ❤️🐾
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