Lucky the Angel Dog made me Human & Kind
by Adam Shai
I find it hard to believe that you have left me.. you might no longer greet me at the door, I miss seeing you walk back & forth to the kitchen & living room. I never realized how much I had in those simple moments where it was just us.. food & sleep. Life was beautiful with you, wherever I went, I had you & we had each other. You sat in the front seat of the car & we went on adventures. You watched me sing & barked along. How can I ever explain in words the wholeness you gave me? The purest form of love I have ever received by another being, it was you. By the time of your passing, you made me a better human being. I will be forever living in memory of all the walks we had, all the places we explored & all the fun we shared. You communicated with me in your own unique language. We understood feelings & picked up on each other. Never have I felt the amount of unconditional love you gave me. You accepted me as I am & I will forever keep you as the jewel of my path. Thank you for teaching me the value of being home & taking care of those around me. The loyalty you’ve shown is something I can never match. You are free of any wrong doings, the most innocent & genuine creature I have ever met. You shared a humble life with you & it was an honor to be your lifelong friend. I hope to see you again, I will see you again. Like Rumi said, lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, there are in each other all along. We aren’t lovers but we definitely are family & I think of you as my closest companion. Follow my every step wherever you are, You still are my strength & light. Your body might have given up to this harsh world but your spirit & heart is always here in my home. Where we are always together. I hope you will also see the videos which made our memories, it made my life worthwhile

Til we meet again, to be Reunited. Run Free & Play Lucky - your sibling Adam
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