Pug Escobar Brown (Pug-E-Brown)
by Aaron
Pug came into my life 11 years ago while I was in the early phase of my divorce. Pug became my wingman during 5 years of bachelor life, until my future wife and Pug's future Mommy came into our lives. Pug was a wickedly handsome orange male Gato. M on his forehead and striped tail. Pug was an indoor/outdoor kitty. Inside during the day out through the night. He was a hunter through and through, but he loved his Mommy and Daddy. He would lay on us on his back stretched out fully trusting us at all times. We loved Pug and he loved us. We had to put Pug down a few days back, because his body just couldn't go on and he was in so much pain and discomfort. His health deteriorated over a couple months. We suspect he masked some issues early on. We are devastated. We have cried daily and the hurt in our hearts seemed too much to take at times. We know we did the right thing for our little Pugster. Today his Mommy had to cancel his ID chip account. :( We still look for him in our home, we hear noises that remind us of our little sunshine boy, but we remember he's only in our hearts and memories now. If I had a crystal ball 11 years ago and knew the pain we would eventually feel following his passing, I would not change anything, except to squeeze in some more hugs and kisses on our little man PugCat. Mommy and Daddy love you and we miss our cuddle time. Thank you for being in our lives and loving us. Until we meet again.
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